Pre-Order Policy

1. General Information
We will not start manufacturing the Make-to-Order products until a confirmed pre-order for the products is received from customer. These products will be labelled as 'Pre-Order' at product 'Availability' field as follows.




2. Payment
Pre-order products are considered sold and you will be charged the full price of the product at the time of placing the order. We cannot hold products on pre-order without payment.



3. Delivery
Pre-order products normally will take TWO (2) to THREE (3) months to manufacture before it is available for delivery. Please note combining pre-order and non-preorder products in an order may cause a delay to your entire order. Please check out and pay for your pre-order products separately to avoid any delays in non-preorder products.



4. Cancellation
Pre-orders cannot be cancelled as a special order has been made exclusively for you with the manufacturer which means your item is already in production and it has been paid for.



5. Returns
Our usual Return and Refund Policy applies to pre-orders once they have been dispatched.